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Digitalmeva  is the best Digital Marketing and Website Development coaching institute in Panvel. We provide students with three main Certified courses that have a broad scope in this dynamic environment: Digital Marketing , Full Stack Development , and WordPress Design and Development . All three Courses are in high demand in the market, and students can use these skills to bring their innovation to the world. Digitalmeva also emphasises practical and hands-on learning for our students in addition to theoretical knowledge.

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Digital Marketing

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Why Choose Us

Proficiency in Teaching:

The Digitalmeva faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals who are well-versed in the most recent trends and techniques in the industry.

Coursework Relevant to the Industry:

The curriculum at Digitalmeva is designed with the needs of the industry in mind, so students are taught the most recent methods and technologies.

Reasonable Charges:

Digitalmeva makes a high-quality education in Digital marketing and Website design/ development accessible to students from all backgrounds by charging a reasonable tuition fee for its courses.

Career Assistance:

In order to assist its students in securing the ideal job after graduation, Digitalmeva provides them with comprehensive career support, which includes assistance with resume creation, interview preparation, and job search.

Different Course Options:

Students can select a Digitalmeva program that meets their career objectives by taking a variety of Digital marketing, WordPress development,  and web design/ development courses.

Certified by Government

We providing the Government Affiliated Certificate.


What is the scope Web Designing Industry

An increasing amount of businesses and people are realizing the value of having a good online presence, which has broadened the scope of the web design profession. It is expected that the web design sector will keep expanding and changing as new technologies are developed, user expectations shift, and companies continue to place a high priority on their online presence.

What is the average salary of a Web Designer ?

The average  salary for web designers in India is 2.4 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.0 Lakh to 5.4 Lakh.

What is the Digital Marketing Course and Web Designing/Development Course fees in Navi Mumbai ?

The fees for the  website design course depends on its duration.  Please contact us for additional information.

What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing helps to improve your conversion rate & quality of leads which helps in expanding the business in a short period of time
  • Digital Marketing Offers diverse job opportunities with full-time and freelance exploration in this field.
  • According to LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs in the current scenario.

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